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Santo Spirito Convention Centre

Gubbio Servizi S.r.l. will help you organise your event professionally with HIGH QUALITY HOSPITALITY

For information please contact:

Gubbio Servizi S.r.l.
Via della Repubblica - 06024 Gubbio (PG)
Tel. +39.075.922.2027 - fax 075.922.8210 -

The Santo Spirito Convention Centre is located in the historical centre of Gubbio, one of the most beautiful mediaeval cities in all of Italy.

Recently restructured, it was once the Santo Spirito Monastery (13th century). It is one of the most fascinating buildings in Gubbio, with characteristic halls recalling the ancient roots of this building, and is equipped with the avant-garde technology necessary for successful events.

A multi purpose convention centre, it is located near to the main hotels and restaurants and is in direct contact with this unique and fascinating city which offers high quality accommodations, services and the friendliness of its citizens. .

Uniqueness, the extra advantage.

The Santo Spirito Convention centre is the ideal place in which to hold meetings, conventions, workshops, intimate working sessions, business lunches and gala dinner evenings.

It has numerous meeting halls spread over several levels, all completely functional and multi-purpose, which can be equipped with the avant-garde technology you require for your event.

The lovely exhibition and catering halls are ample.

Our professional and courteous service will make every moment you spend in Gubbio and the Santo Spirito Convention Centre an unforgettable one. .

Meeting halls and equipment

Almost all of the meeting halls of Gubbio Servizi Srl have stone vaulted ceilings and red terracotta flooring. They are equipped with telephone lines, special electrical outlets and air conditioning.

Sala del Gonfalone (I-II° floor) seats 300
Sala Clarmondina (III° floor) seats 130
Press Room (III° floor) seats 80
Other Halls (Ground Floor) seats 350
Cinema Room  
Fourteenth-century hall  
Halls in the hotels around town are also available for a total of seats 1500
Exhibition Hall 568 mq
Catering/Restaurant and Bar area (about 300 pax seated or 400 buffet style) 300 mq
Press Room 100 mq
Offices-Reception area 156 mq
Control room – Simultaneous translation booth with infra-red equipment – Digital video projector – High definition colour film camera – Video-projection onto motorised maxi-screen – Video camera – Amplification and sound recording system

The History

he vast Santo Spirito complex probably came about as a result of the transformation of the old episcopate, parsonage, cathedral, bell tower and Sts James and Mariano Hospital when these were built anew in the upper part of Gubbio at the end of the 12th century.

The old abandoned buildings were transformed into a hospital and church dedicated to the Holy Spirit. The hospital remained the property of the Wool Workers and Merchants Guild. During the times of Federico da Montefeltro, in the 1400’s, the complex housed all of the nuns from the tiny convents which were spread all over the territory.

On October 15, 1468, Sister Francesca was formally invested with the management of the Santo Spirito Monastery by the Bishop and the local authorities. Sister Francesca performed miraculous healings by anointing patients with a liquid she had received from Jerusalem. The story has it that a sacrilegious person damaged an image of the Madonna there and that this miraculous liquid flowed from the wounded image, after which several miracles occurred.

The monastery was expanded in 1495. In 1590 a terrible fire damaged the building. In 1635 there were 82 Augustinian nuns living there. Over the centuries the complex underwent numerous changes.

Today it is the Santo Spirito Convention Centre, a multi-purpose meeting structure in the unique and fascinating mediaeval centre of the city of Gubbio, surrounded by high quality accommodations, professional services and friendly people.

Uniqueness, the extra advantage.

Services available

Gubbio Servizi S.r.l. offers its clients personalised packages in accordance with their meeting needs, as well as organising interesting activities for those who accompany the meeting participants. .


  • Management of the Santo Spirito Convention Centre halls and meeting rooms
  • Organisation, promotion and management of the convention or meeting
  • Management and organisation of cultural and sports events, shows, exhibitions and concerts
  • Creation and realisation of the event’s graphic images
  • Pre and post meeting organisation, including visits to Umbria’s main attractions
  • Hotel and other accommodation reservations – on-line booking
  • Audio and video equipment / on site event technical assistance
  • Interpreters and translators
  • Hostess and steward services
  • Catering services for gala events, working lunches and coffee breaks
  • Parking, transport and shuttle services
  • Press relations
  • Tourist guides and excursions
  • Educational tours for journalists, travel agencies and tour operators


Gubbio offers various types of accommodations for its guests: in restructured former convents, hotels, villas, and castles in the city centre or just outside of it, for a total of:

  • 229 rooms in 4 star hotels
  • 235 rooms in 3 star hotels
  • 97 rooms in 2-1 star hotels
  • 1810 beds in non-hotel structures

Fine dining is also an age old tradition in Gubbio. The local cuisine, genuine and simple, uses mostly products grown or bred in the immediate area: meat from the animals which pasture up in the hills, local game, cheese and cured meats, country mixed green salads, extra virgin olive oil and wines from the fine vineyards on the surrounding hilltops, and mineral water from the Apennines (some of which also have therapeutic qualities).

The typical dishes are those from the local tradition, made the old way: meat cooked over the burning embers of the fireplace, thick tagliatelle, Easter “crescia” cheese bread and baker’s “crescia”, particularly delicious with slices of the local cured meats and with “friccò” (lamb, duck, chicken and rabbit). Not to forget the unmistakeable aroma of the black and white truffles for which the area surrounding Gubbio is famous.

All of these delicious typically “Gubbian” dishes can be found on the menus of the local restaurants, often carved into characteristic caverns and which offer the warm hospitality for which the Umbrian people are known.


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